EQE Seminar

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For the 15th time, our firm is offering two free two-day preparation courses for the C and D parts of the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) in 2023.

The courses will be held on Monday/Tuesday, November 20/21 and Saturday/Sunday, December 9/10, 2023.

Both courses are identical in content, so attendance at only one course is sufficient.

The focus of the course will be on proper exam techniques and strategies for avoiding mistakes in order to successfully approach the C and D parts of the EQE exam with these skills. We have found that well-prepared exam material significantly increases the chances of success. Therefore, in this course we want to provide the participants with the necessary methodological knowledge.

In this respect, the course should be seen as a supplement to the participants’ own preparation of the legal basics of the EPC. Instead, participants will learn how to convert their technical knowledge of the EPC into as many points as possible for passing the C and D parts of the EQE examination.

The courses will be held in Düsseldorf at our offices at Kaistrasse 16A and are free of charge. The course instructors are Dr. Torsten Exner, Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Gröschel and Prof. Dr. Aloys Hüttermann.

Registration is now possible (please state your full name and employer) at eqe@mhpatent.de.