About us

Comprehensive IP protection

The law firm of Michalski Hüttermann & Partner is experienced in all areas of intellectual property law.

Our lawyers cover all technical areas and are regularly recommended in specialist publications such as the JUVE Handbook, WirtschaftsWoche, Handelsblatt, IAM or MIP.

Based in Düsseldorf. Worldwide active.

In addition to German companies, we naturally also represent the interests of international clients. We manage these mandates directly in Germany and in neighboring countries. In addition, we also represent clients outside Europe before German and European authorities and courts.

Our clients particularly appreciate the personal support provided by our attorneys, who are always available as direct contacts with their specialist knowledge of the case in question.

As an internationally active law firm, we are members of the most important national as well as international professional associations and give lectures at congresses and symposia worldwide. Furthermore, Michalski – Hüttermann & Partner enables prospective attorneys from abroad to regularly visit the firm for training purposes.

The law firm has thus built up an excellent international network in recent years. We use this network to find the most effective and efficient IP strategies for our clients, also abroad.

The experts for your Intellectual Property

In the field of patents and utility models, our focus is clearly on the technical expertise of our attorneys and comprehensible communication with our clients. In addition to the drafting of applications, we accompany them until they are granted and, of course, assist in the area of expert opinions, oppositions and questions of employee invention law.

One special focus is on infringement cases and the related nullity proceedings. We also have extensive experience in design protection and manage large international trademark portfolios.

The firm’s headquarter is located in Düsseldorf, the center of competence for patent infringement proceedings in Germany and Europe. In addition, we offer client-oriented advice and support via our branch offices in Essen, Frankfurt a.M. and Munich.

Kaistraße 16A
D-40221 Düsseldorf

Phone +49 211 159 249 0

Perchtinger Straße 6
D-81379 München

Phone +49 89 7007 4234

De-Saint-Exupéry-Str. 10
D-60549 Frankfurt a.M.

Phone +49 211 159 249 0

Hufelandstraße 2
D-45147 Essen

Phone +49 201 271 00 703

Am Rathaus 2
D-42579 Heiligenhaus

Phone +49 2056 98 95 056

Success through competence and client focus

Over the past decade, the firm has grown steadily – an evidence to the trust and satisfaction that clients place in us. The basis of this success is the technical and professional expertise of our lawyers, coupled with a high degree of adherence to deadlines and an above-average commitment to service. Our clients also benefit from the fact that we are able to leave well-trodden paths in order to achieve greater economic success for them with new, unusual perspectives and ideas.

It goes without saying that we continuously educate ourselves and our employees, which is reflected in our active seminar and publication activities as well as in the academic teaching assignments that our attorneys are regularly entrusted with.

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