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Dr. Rolf Claessen

Patent Attorney

“What I particularly enjoy about being a patent attorney is being able to help make new innovative ideas successful again and again, while not losing sight of the economic aspects.”

Rolf Claessen was born in Cologne in 1972 and speaks fluent German and English. Rolf Claessen has three children and lives in Cologne. His hobbies include mountain hiking, sailing, and programming.


Dr. Rolf Claessen studied chemistry at the Universities of Tübingen and Würzburg and received his PhD in 2002 from the College of Nanoscience and Engineering at the State University of New York. His focus during his PhD was on organic and organometallic synthesis, development of copper CVD processes and construction of corresponding reactors as well as characterization of the obtained copper films with surface analytics (SEM, XPS, AES, RBS). After completing his studies, Rolf Claessen was employed by a nanotechnology company, where he was mainly responsible for the glass coatings business unit as product manager for most of the time. He completed his training as a patent attorney in Cologne. In 2007, Rolf Claessen passed the patent bar examination and since then has also been a professional representative before the European Patent Office as well as before the European Union Intellectual Property Office.

Rolf Claessen deals with all aspects of intellectual property law. In particular, he represents domestic and foreign clients in matters of patent, trademark, utility model and design law. He also advises on matters of employee invention law and drafts strategies and contracts for joint developments and licenses. His practice focuses on the prosecution and enforcement of trademarks and patents in the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, material sciences, nanotechnology and semiconductor manufacturing.

Dr. Claessen is volunteering in various pro bono projects, including the administration of the Rotary Youth Exchange. In 2014, he was the honorary Executive Congress Director of the JCI World Congress. Since 2014 he publishes the podcast IP Fridays and since October 2015 he runs a Youtube channel under his name, which is now the most subscribed Youtube channel of a patent attorney. Rolf Claessen has written numerous articles in scientific and non-scientific journals and magazines. In 2022 Rolf Claessen became a partner of the firm.