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Gerrit Fachinger

Training as a Patent Attorney

Gerrit Fachinger was born in Bergisch Gladbach in 1991 and currently lives in Düsseldorf. In addition to German, he is fluent in English and reasonable in French. In his spare time he likes to do sports, with a particular passion for Forró dancing and jogging. On top of that he enjoys hiking in the mountains and sailing on the ocean.

Gerrit Fachinger studied mechanical engineering with a specialization in process engineering and automation technology at RWTH Aachen University and graduated in 2018 developing a digitalized ultrasonic testing process as part of his master’s thesis.

In his subsequent professional activity at the Chair of Information and Automation Systems for Process and Material Technology, he worked on several research projects with well-known companies in the process industry. The main topics of his occupation were data analysis, process optimization and the development of models. In the process automation internship, he taught his students how to implement safety functions, open-loop control and closed-loop control for a process plant using commercial process control systems.

In 2017, when he laid the foundation for a later patent application by his supervising company with his master thesis, he already became interested in intellectual property. That’s why he decided to begin his training in intellectual property law and joined the law firm Michalski Hüttermann & Partner at the end of 2021.