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Rainer Kasseckert

Patent Attorney

“So why, after having worked in the patent field for 35 years, did I join the law firm of Michalski Hüttermann as a Patent Attorney in the Munich office in 2017? Because this allows me to assist German companies and inventors with protecting their best ideas worldwide against imitation. As Abraham Lincoln said: The patent system added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius.”

Rainer Kasseckert lives in Munich with his wife and enjoys hiking, bicycling and skiing in Upper Bavaria.


Rainer Kasseckert, born in Würzburg in 1955, studied meteorology and physics at the universities of Mainz and Würzburg, Germany. After earning his degree in 1981, he started his career in the same year by joining the Patent Department of Dornier GmbH in Friedrichshafen, on Lake Constance in Germany. Taking the patent attorney examination in 1986, he concluded his patent attorney training. The following year, he became a professional representative before the European Patent Office. In 1991, he assumed management of Dornier’s Patent Department, where he worked primarily in the fields of aerospace, defense technology, environmental engineering, radar engineering, and medical technology.

In 1993, Rainer Kasseckert joined Linde AG and became the Head of the Intellectual Property Department, which he managed until 2016. In addition to securing intellectual property rights, his work focuses on providing assistance with and prosecuting patent applications and patents, as well as trade marks and design – both before court and extrajudicially. He has conducted Freedom-to-Operate analyses, prepared expert opinions, and served in an advisory capacity for decision makers on all matters related to patents, ranging from the patent strategy to potential infringements. The patent, trade mark and design portfolio of Linde AG he was in charge of covered refrigeration engineering, materials handling technology, plant engineering, and technical gases.