Rhineland Biopatent Forum

Seminar event

For more than ten years, our firm has hosted the Rhineland Biopatent Forum. This annual one-day seminar event takes place in mid-June and brings together IP professionals from the biotechnology sector.

The seminar focuses on current events in the world of biopatents.

In addition to experts from our firm, we regularly have also external speakers from Germany and abroad. Over the years, the Rheinisches Biopatent-Forum has established a firm place in the seminar calendar of the biotech IP scene and has become a must-attend event, especially for employees of patent departments.

Notable speakers from past years include Chief Judge Randall R Rader, Jay Erstling (Former Director of the Office of the PC), Hans Sauer (Deputy General Counsel of Biotechnology Innovation Organization), Maria Giuseppina Covone-van Hees (Examiner at the EPO), Greg Cox (Associate VP, Assistant General Patent Counsel IP. Eli Lilly), Marc Markus (Head of Patents Biotherapeutics East, Pfizer) and Andreas Popp (Senior Vice President Global Intellectual Property at BASF).